Beauty And The Beast Tattoo


We’ve chosen our best Beauty and the Beast tattoo designs to share with you in the hopes that they’ll serve as inspiration for your next body art.

These tattoos based on the classic story range from beautiful art that looks like stained glass to simple pictures of the characters. There is something for everyone here.

So sit back and relax as we proudly display your upcoming tattoo

Rose Tattoo in Stained Glass from Beauty and the Beast 

beauty and the beast tattoo

This rose is a common tattoo design, so a fan of Beauty and the Beast would know it right away.

This kind of tattoo may be applied anywhere on the body and comes in various sizes, depending on the message you want to convey.

A tattoo of the Belle and Beast couple

beauty and the beast tattoo

Both of these simple designs would be effective on their own, but when combined, they create a sweet couple’s tattoo. The more terrible appearance of the beast is in sharp contrast to the refinement of the beauty. The symbolism of the tattoos for both people is obvious due to their location on the same wrist.

Beauty and the Beast flower tattoo

The encased enchanted rose is a classy and elegant tattoo that is a classic Beauty and the Beast tattoo. Using just the red on the rose’s petals allows for little color utilization while still making a strong statement. This straightforward pattern may be simply applied to the leg, as shown in the picture, or made into a chic forearm tattoo. 

Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Sleeve in Black and White.

This design for a sleeve is ideal for someone who wants to include recognizable Beauty and the Beast figures in their tattoo. Ringing the Beast and Belle with flowers draws attention to the story’s use of roses as a symbol, while also beautifying the tattoo. The Beast’s addition elevates the sleeve above a simple Belle tattoo.

Lumiere Full Color Tattoo

beauty and the beast tattoo

This Lumiere tattoo will be adored by true fans of the original animated movie. For someone who wishes to pay homage to the iconic figure, this tattoo, done in the character’s typical colors, is the ideal duplicate. Our favorite moving candelabra is given life and depth by the shading in this specific tattoo.

Tattoo Sketchbook Belle

beauty and the beast tattoo

This Belle tattoo, which is done in the manner of a sketchbook, is ideal for admirers of the former farm girl turned princess. This tattoo still has the well-known rose emblem but depicts Belle in a more organic manner, adding to the tattoo’s appeal. The quote from “A Tale as Old as Time” goes well with the tattoo, especially if it is done in a different color.

Chip, Belle, and Mrs. Potts tattoo

beauty and the beast tattoo

This Belle tattoo is a stunning black and white design with a splash of color from the exotic flowers, once again adopting a more sketchbook-inspired approach. Another entertaining component to the design is the inclusion of Mrs. Potts and Chip, two well-known characters. Additionally, you’ll see that the flowers are not the usual roses but rather ones that the individual already has tattooed on their body. This changes the way it looks and is different from the usual Beauty and the Beast flower tattoo. 

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