Google Brings Its Own VPN Service to Windows and macOS



Google is now providing an easier, more secure way to access the internet content that may be restricted in your region. If you're in a country like China that heavily monitors internet traffic, you can use Google's new VPN service to browse the web securely and anonymously.

Now you can surf the internet securely when you’re at home or on the go, as Google has released its own VPN service for Windows and Mac.

Google started making VPN available for desktop devices, sometime after it was made available for mobile devices. This is a part of Google's effort to improve the privacy and security of its users.

VPNs are increasingly becoming popular in the workplace as well. Some companies use them when they need to provide secure connections to their employees or customers. While digital agencies use them to create more secure connections for their clients - like banks and financial institutions that need high levels of security.

Google began making VPNs available for desktop systems some time after it was initially available for mobile devices.

The American tech giant said that members of its cloud storage service, Google One, particularly those on Premium plans (with capacities of 2 TB and above), can now download VPN software for personal computers running Microsoft's Windows operating system and Apple's macOS system.

By making the VPN service available for desktop PCs, customers in the 22 countries where Google One is offered may mask their IP addresses and protect themselves from tracking.

Although Google has begun to make its VPN service available for workplace machines, it is still subject to the same constraints as Android and iOS users Users' ability to use the service will be limited to one of the supported countries, and users will not be able to freely use the service in a way that allows them to avoid geographical limits on sports material and streaming service content.

Google One's VPN service, like Apple's cloud storage service, iCloud, does not enable you to manually select an IP address from a foreign country. However, Google assigns the IP address to the location from which it connects Apart from the security and privacy benefits, pretending to be in another country to circumvent bothersome content limitations is one of the most prominent use cases for VPN networks, therefore As a result, many people may be unwilling to utilise the Google service. It is worth noting that Google has begun making VPN service available to Google One customers with 2 TB of space in the United States as a free addition for users of the monthly subscription for 9.99 US dollars beginning in 2020. The service was then expanded to 22 nations. Recently, the business added a VPN service to its Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro devices.


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