How to host a website on Google Drive


 How to create a website on google drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service which is provided by google 
you can access 15 Gb of storage on Google drive for free and if you need more storage then you can upgrade the plan!
let's know how  you can host a website on google drive

 to create a new website on  google drive create a new google account don't use a personal google account and existing account 

Step1:- After creating a new google account open google drive and create a new folder enter your domain name in the folder name
 then upload the website file in your new google drive folder  
website file name should same name as your domain name 
Step2:- now open google drive and  right click on the folder and click on the get link then change General Access setting into anyone can see this link 
then click on copy link and click on done option 

Step3:- Now search ( on the browser then signup with  google account after the signup processor is completed you have successfully created a website on google drive
to get the website link you can copy like from ( dashboard

Step3:- now buy a new domain name
after buying a domain go to the ( dashboard and click on domain list then click on Advance DNS

Step4:- now click on Add new record and select CNAME in Types section now types www in Host section now paste the website link  in value section then remove  https:// and remove all text from the like now select 30 min from TTL section then click on ok button 

Step5:- now add a new record select URL redirect record from the types section type @ in Host section now enter the website link with https:// in the value section then click on the ok button 

     now your website is successfully connected with the domain  

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