Secret WhatsApp Chatting: How to Keep Your Conversations Private


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Secret WhatsApp Chatting: How to Keep Your Conversations Private

Secret WhatsApp Chatting: How to Keep Your Conversations Private

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app that allows you to have conversations with your friends and family around the world for free. However, when you’re texting people on WhatsApp, there are ways to keep those messages private in case someone tries to snoop in or listen in on your conversation. Here are some tips on how to chat secretly on WhatsApp so your message stays between you and your recipient!

Open WhatsApp and go to the Chats screen.

To start chatting with someone, tap on their name and then the chat icon. You can also go to the Chats screen by tapping on the 3 dots in the top left corner of your screen. You'll see a list of all your chats here. If you want to change who you're chatting with, just tap on a new name from this list. Once you've tapped chat, messages will now be private between only the two of you for as long as you're using this chat window.

Tap the Menu Button > Settings.

Step 1. Tap the Menu Button at the bottom of your home screen. Step 2. Select Settings from the menu that appears. Step 3. Choose Secret Chats from the list of options on your Settings page. Step 4. Tap New Message in order to create a new secret chat conversation with a contact in your address book who has also enabled Secret Chats on their device and agrees to participate in a secret chat conversation with you by tapping Accept. Step 5.

Select Account > Privacy.

To chat with someone privately on WhatsApp, open a chat window with that person and tap the pencil icon next to the text box. In the menu that pops up, tap Start private conversation. That person will be sent an invite message with a link they can click to start chatting in private. When you're finished talking in private, both of you will be automatically switched back to normal conversations.

Tap on the Read Receipts switch and turn it off.

A common concern with using the app is that you'll have no privacy and your messages will be left out in the open for everyone to see. However, there are ways to keep your conversations private and nobody else can know what you're talking about. One of these methods is turning off Read Receipts, which will keep people from knowing when you've seen their message or not. 
To turn off read receipts, tap on Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts > Off.

Tap on the Last Seen switch and select Nobody.

Now that you know how to keep your conversations on WhatsApp secret, it's time for you and your friends to start chatting. But make sure not to overdo it; too much chatting can lead you down a dark path of addiction. Remember, there are plenty of other ways for you and your friends to stay in touch with each other.

Tap the Menu Button > New Chat.

To keep your conversations private, you can use the Secret Conversation feature on WhatsApp. Secret Conversations use end-to-end encryption and leave no trace on our servers. It's available for chats with one or multiple people, but not for group chats.

Select the contact you want to chat with.

1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen. 
2. Select 'New chat' or select a contact from your phone's contacts list. You can also tap on a group chat and then tap on 'New chat'. 
3. Type in the name of the person you want to send a message or type in their mobile number and select 'Message'.

Tap on the Contact's name at the top of the screen.

To start a secret chat, tap on the contact's name at the top of the screen. If you don't see their name, it means that they are offline or not currently available. You will then be prompted to input a 4-digit PIN code. This is used as an extra level of security so that people can't snoop through your chats if they have access to your phone. Once you have entered the code, you will need to enter it again before sending any messages.

Tap Go incognito.

Select the chat you want to start a private conversation with and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen. Tap Go incognito. This will create a new chat window that is only visible on your device and not shared with anyone else.

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