What is a coronary calcium scan and is it worth it?


Regular readers of my column know I have been very bullish about the Coronary Calcium Scan, also known as a calcium score test or coronary calcium score, as a test for heart disease risk. I take my lead from a cardiologist, Dr. Henry Sadlo, who has been championing this cause for several years.

CCS has been instrumental in saving many lives and yet another reader wrote in recently to tell me about their experience with the test.

“I was sitting at home watching TV with my wife when I felt a sharp pain in my chest. A short time later the pain also ran down my left arm at which point my wife told me I needed to get to the hospital,” this reader wrote. “I did and they ran tests on me multiple times through the night, but couldn’t find anything wrong. Their conclusion was it must have been heartburn or gas.”


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