You may need to create a blog, but how do you create unique content?




You're looking for new ways to market your business and you've heard that content is king. But do you keep running out of ideas for new content?

-Hi, I'm Alaa from Egypt and today I'm going to show you how to easily generate blog article ideas. 

If you're looking to attract new visitors to your website creating high-quality content is the perfect opportunity to show people you know what you're talking about and to target those long-tail keywords.

-Although this sounds like a good idea thinking of new blog articles can be a struggle. Most small businesses aim to produce between 1 and 10 articles per month these can be used on your website, on social media channels, email newsletters and video scripts. When publishing content regularly it's very easy to burn through your ideas.

 So today I'm Alaa showing you ways to easily generate blog article ideas. So what makes a good blog article?

-Blog articles usually follow these rules.

They answer common questions, such as 

 * "Will SEO help my business?"


* "Should I add a blog to my website?"

-They focus on buyers' intent, so for example if a customer is looking for a new leather sofa, creating a leather sofa buying guide would be a really good idea. Or it's about a hot industry topic. So recently, Instagram just launched a new name tag feature and we created an article and how to use it within a couple of hours, it was ranked number 3 in Google.

So the first way to generate blog ideas is to use Google Auto Suggest. Simply start typing in your search term into the Google search bar and then Google will automatically suggest some questions that people have been asking. Once you have clicked on the query you want to see if you scroll to the bottom of the page there'll be another list of suggestions that's ready for you to use.

-The data comes from Google and Bing and you'll get great insight into the motivations of the people searching for that particular keyword. 

-To get started enter your keyword and hit "get questions". The results will then come back separated into; questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical and related. Because the data is based on Google and Bing auto suggestions, you can guarantee that people are searching for these questions and this will generate a couple of months worth of blog article ideas. Number three is hot industry trends. Sometimes you don't need to know the search volume or if people are searching for answers because it's new. You know your industry better than your customers. So if a new car has been spied on or a new product has been released, make sure you are the first to write about it. 

-I mentioned at the start of the article e about the new Instagram name tags feature and it was ranking within a few hours. We've also done the same for articles on the new Facebook page templates and the short tail versus long tail keywords and these articles generate daily traffic to our website. 

-Now used in the HubSpot Blog Generator is a very easy way to get blog article ideas Simply enter three nouns they'll give you five ideas to write about. These results are not based on auto-suggest data and when you do enter different nouns you do get quite similar titles but it'll get you thinking and they'll be great for social media. Number five is the Moz Keyword Explorer. 

-So let's take things up a notch. If you want to create content as part of an SEO strategy then the Moz Keyword Explorer will allow you to dig a little deeper. Simply enter your keyword or topic and the Moz Keyword Explorer will return the monthly search volume, keyword suggestions and SERP analysis. What we're interested in are the keyword suggestions. 

-You can filter the results by "are questions" and this will give you a list of the questions people type in Google, along with the monthly search volume. If there isn't a search volume associated with the question then don't worry, it just means that the data isn't in the Moz database but it doesn't mean that people are actively searching for it. So there we have it, five easy ways to generate blog article ideas. 


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