Has Facebook become too burdensome for advertisers ?


  Has Facebook become too burdensome for advertisers

A title that raises many questions, Has Facebook become too burdensome for advertisers

Facebook has recently become something unfair due to restrict  and the closure of many accounts and pages due to security updates, but incomprehensible 

I'm telling you my story I'm a Facebook advertiser an electronic marketer since 2015 things were easy and simple and the ads were simple and there are many ways to work, but I was hearing about suspicious ways to run ads and I think that's why

Bad suspicious things had a lot of impact on this worse situation that we got into 

Such as running ads with a visa owned by a third party, as well as what is known as a indebtedness system and publications that do not comply with policies, all these things helped this and tricks 

In a more correct sense, the reason for this is the bad people who use fraudulent methods, so we advise you to follow the correct methods to make it more complicated to continue these fraudulent methods 

Facebook is like a means of communication, it is a means of profit and a large organization that also has a loss and a gain

When you enter into a challenge with this organization, it automatically abuses you, and also because of this, what is known as injustice is done to all advertisers

What to do when your account or page is suspended ?

There are two ways, not a third

The first is to communicate with the Facebook administration, and there are a lot of ways to contact 

While closing your account restrict ads be the way to communicate here :- 


While disabling your payments account from here :- 


While closing your page, log in from here :


This is a solution, but not a final one, where the response may be negative, what's the second way?'

The second way is to create an account or a new page, but please know that there is no escape from the arbitrariness of Facebook, the bottom line is that Facebook has become one of the bad platforms for work and there are no final solutions with it 

Therefore, please be patient and stick to the proper methods and not violate the policies and rules 

Facebook is a system that works with algorithms, so we must be very careful with it 

This is all about advertising and advertisers, but there are a lot of problems and bugs in this platform that we will discuss later and also we will discuss as much as possible on the solutions that can be followed 

I hope that you have informed the viewers and followed us in a new article .. Thank you


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