History of Bajaj Finance Stock Return. Bajaj Finance share return history.


 Bajaj Finance a NBFC company. It is one of the oldest companies of Bajaj Group. Talking about 2022 today, its market capitalization is more than 4 lakh crores. Earlier this company was known as Bajaj Auto Finance. After September 2010 it was known as Bajaj Finance. It is one of the leading loan companies in the country. Bajaj Finance services Home Loan, Gold Loan, 2 & 3 Wheeler Loan, Co-Branded Credit Card, Business Loan Against Share.

Bajaj Finserv is the parent company of this company. Bajaj Housing Finance and Bajaj Finance Securities Limited are its subsidiary companies. In this article, we will talk about the stock returns of Bajaj Finance. Shares of Bajaj Finance gave bumper returns to its investors. If we talk about 20 years, then this stock has given a return of more than 125000%. If an investor would have invested 10000 in this company 20 years ago, then till now this investment has gone to 1.5 crores.

Let us have a look at the history of returns given by this stock.

  • This stock has given a CAGR of 42% in 20 years.
  • Has given a CAGR of 41% in 15 years.
  • Has given a CAGR of 55% in 10 years.
  • Has given a CAGR of 42% in 5 years.
  • In 2016, this share split happened and its face value went from 10 to 5.
  • In 2016 itself, the company had announced bonus shares of 1:1. Investors got one share for one share. After the share split and bonus, the price itself adjusts accordingly. For example, the price of a share is 1000, then after 1:1 bonus, what number of stocks will double, but the price will be 500, which means it will be halved.
  • The company also gave rights issues in the ratio of 6:1 in 2006 and 3:19 in 2013.

Share holding pattern till 2022.

The promoter holds 55.86% holding in the company. The promoter has not pledged any shares.

Share holding pattern

Bajaj Finance share price details

Bajaj Finance is one of the highest returning stocks in the stock market. The stock has doubled investors' money in an average of 2.5 years. This stock is a great example of the power of compounding. This shows that if the stock selection is right then a lot of money can be made in the long term. The year wise details of Bajaj Finance prices are given in the table below. The prices given below have been adjusted for bonus and split.

Bajaj finance price history.

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