Reliance Industries share price return details. Information about Reliance Industries Share Price Return.


  Reliance Industries Limited is the largest Fortune 500 company in India. If we talk about its market cap, then it is Rs 16.47 lakh crore in October 2022. Dhirubhai Ambani in 1957 A. Besse & Co. Returned to India from Yemen after working in a company and then started yarn business from a small office in Mumbai. That's why he dreamed of making India's biggest company. In 1977, came the IPO of Reliance Textile Industries . This IPO was subscribed seven times, creating history. Since this IPO, a special interest of common investors had increased towards the stock market. In 1985, Reliance Textile Industries was renamed as Reliance Industries Limited.

Reliance started with Textile but today Reliance Industry Limited has established itself in the field of Petroleum Refining and Marketing, New Energy, Textile, Petrochemicals, Retail and Telecom. It is working very fast in green energy and retail. Talking about the last two years, Reliance Industry has acquired many companies for the growth of its green energy and retail segments.

The stock of this company has given a decent return to the investors over a long period of time. In this article, we will talk about the return of investment from the stock of Reliance Industries. If an investor would have invested a fixed amount every year in this share, then how much return did he get. Stock price will be calculated for the month of April of the year. Bonus and split shares will be adjusted in whatever the stock price is.

return calculation

Let us assume that an investor invests Rs 30,000 every year in this stock for 20 years and holds it. The amount and time of investment in the stock market can be anything. Investors can invest according to their own. But we will do this calculation on the basis of 30000 annually.

yearPricenumber of stocksyearPricenumber of stocksyearPricenumber of stocks
The amount invested is Rs.30000 per annum.

The amount invested is Rs.30000 per annum. The total number of stocks in 20 years is 2512. Whose total amount is 61.12 lakhs according to today's share price 2433. The total investment in these 20 years has been Rs 6 lakh. In 20 years, Reliance has given 10x returns on annual SIP. This would be considered a very good return in SIP mode. Power of stock market and power of compounding are very strong.


Reliance Industry is the biggest company of this country, the risk is always less in big and blue chip shares. This article does not constitute investment advice in any specific stock. This is just to increase the investment awareness of the investors. You can choose any blue chip fundamentally strong stock to invest in, and the portfolio should always be diversified. You can invest any amount in more than one stock over a period of time.


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