SRF Share Price Return History | History of SRF Share Price Return.


 SRF LTD stock has given very good returns to the investors. Talking about 20 to 22 years, this company has given a return of 1.21 lakh%. This stock has converted 10000 to 1.21 Crore. The stock of this company is counted among the stocks which give high returns in the long run. In this article we will talk about this stock. First of all, know how the company was started.

SRF was started in 1970 under the name of Shri Ram Fibres. The company initially manufactured nylon tire cord fabric. In 1983 & 1984, the company ventured into the business of Belting Fabrics and Coated Fabrics. After this, 1986 started SRF Finance. In 1989, the company entered its chemical business. 1990 The name of Shri Ram Fibers was changed to SRF (Shri Ram Fibers). In 1997, the company sold 50.5% of its finance business to GE Capital (Mauritius) Investment Ltd.

Today the company has expanded into the business of Packaging Film, Specialty Chemical, Technical Textile, Coated & Laminated Fabric and Fluorochemicals. SRF is a big name in the chemical business. The market cap of this company is 74000 crores in 2022 SRF has recently given bonus shares to its shareholders in 2021 in the ratio of 4:1.

SRF Shareholding Pattern – The promoters hold 52.73% stake in the company. No shares of the company are pledged.

share holding pattern

SRF LTD SHARE CAGR RETURN – The shares of this company have always rewarded its investors with decent returns. An investor who has held the stock of this company for a long time has made a lot of money. Very few people have this profession. Let us know about its CAGR return %.

20 YEAR CAGR15 Years10 Years5 years1 year
CAGR returns

SRF LTD SHARE PRICE HISTORY – If you look at the share price history of the company, it has increased year by year. The prices given below are after adjusting the bonus and split.

share price history

The share price of the company in the year 2022 is 2500. If we talk about the last 3 years, then this stock has given a return of 5X.


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